Seal-less Pumps

A seal-less pump is essentially a conventional centrifugal pump without packed glands or mechanical seals. The dynamic seal that would normally be used to seal the impeller shaft is instead replaced by a static containment shell — or shroud — to form a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary.

Brands we carry

Magnetically driven rotary sliding vane, Eccentric disc, Mouvex Pumps.

Magnetically driven metallic ANSI centrifugal, High temperature.

Magnetically driven metallic ANSI centrifugal, High temperature , Turbine, Multi stage.

Magnetic drive series
E Serie.

ANSI Teflon lined and small plastic / sanitary centrifugal Mag drives.

Air operated double diaphragm.

Sealless Canned Regenerative Turbine Pumps from 40gpm to 360′ head.

Magnetically driven Non Metallic ANSI centrifugal and peristaltic flex liner.

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