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Do I really need to align my pump?

Some people still think they can align a pump with a straight-edge, in lieu of a laser or dial-indicator method. They are incorrect. While a straight-edge alignment can potentially kill your bearings, seals and couplings, it also consumes extra horsepower. Recent...

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Need some space?

Did you know that when using an internal gear pump in applications above 225 degrees Fahrenheit or viscosities above 750 SSU, the pump may need extra clearances to operate properly? These extra clearances are applied to the rotor’s outer diameter, rotor’s inner...

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The WEMCO Model CF Chop-Flow Pump is a powerful, cost efficient way to chop and pump at the same time

Liquid filter bags, large diameter pleated filters, liquid filter cartridges, filter bag & cartridge housings, drinking water products, food & beverage products.

The Hidrostal – Screw Centrifugal Pump can tackle the most difficult jobs

High efficiency, low vibration, & easy maintenance