Product Spotlight

This month we thought it might be interesting to
showcase some pumps you may not be familiar with:



Roto-Jet® is built on the pitot tube pump concept which, because of its unique rotating case design, is sometimes referred to as “The Backward Pump”. Over the decades, the pitot tube’s simple design and versatile performance have achieved a reputation as the solution to many high-pressure pumping problems.

Designed to Handle Your Tough Applications

These high-pressure, single-stage centrifugal pumps, with advanced pitot tube technology, are successful for demanding low-flow, high-head applications.

Simple Yet Effective

The operating characteristics of the Roto-Jet pump are simple and similar to a conventional centrifugal pump. Energy is added to the fluid via the rotor, and the stationary pitot tube converts the fluid velocity energy into static pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • No external lube system required
  • No wear rings or close running clearances
  • Non-lubricating liquids can be pumped
  • Safety valves are not necessary and the pump can be regulated by throttling
  • Robust design is insensitive to process upsets
  • Pulsation free flow over the entire head-flow curve
  • Reduced life cycle cost by optimizing hydraulic efficiency
  • Process seals exposed only to suction pressure for maximum seal life
  • High heads achieved in a single stage at low operating speeds compared to other low-flow, high-head pumps