The R. A. Ross team solves repair turnaround time by at least half or better

Problem: Long lead times on repair parts making turnaround times for repairs extremely long.

Wemco model 4×11 CES, 30 HP, 120 GPM @100’ TDH, pumping coal slurry.

Wemco immersible model
E4K Hidrostal, 30 HP, 120 GPM @100 TDH,
pumping coal slurry.

Solution: A major energy company in southwest Indiana was having issues getting their Wemco submersible pumps that they use in their coal yard serviced in a timely manner. The repair company they were using was having trouble with long lead times on repair parts making the turnaround times for the repairs extremely long. After securing an appointment with the appropriate personnel, we were able to get an opportunity to repair one of the pumps as a trial to see how we could do. We also agreed to stock the appropriate repair parts in our facility to eliminate the long lead time for factory parts. We were able to cut the pump repair turnaround times by at least half or better and have repaired several pumps to date. In addition to the repairs, our quality work and customer service have earned us new replacement pump business as well.


Customer also purchased the E4K Hidrostal with the immersible motor for the “run in air” capability on the occasion when the water level drops below the level of the motor.



The screw/centrifugal impeller with open channel design combines the clog-resistant features of a vortex pump and the high efficiency of a centrifugal pump. The screw section of the WEMCO®- Hidrostal® pump performs like an Archimedes spiral. In thick sludges, slurries, and suspended solids, it burrows like a corkscrew to start the material pumping and keep it pumping. The centrifugal section produces steep head-capacity curve for non-overlaping performance. Combined, the screw/centrifugal action provides high, hydraulic efficiences and clog-resistant pumping. The pump is able to handle large soft solids with efficiencies of more than 80 percent.

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