Saving money with what is really needed

The Pali Emflon filter shown above is perfect for certain situations, but was an expensive overkill for our customers needs.

Another example of how our
knowledge of your industry and
needs saves time and money.

Our solution saved our customer almost $3600 plus quicker delivery

The Graver filter shown is a perfect solution for our customer at a savings of $300 per filter and
saved three weeks of delivery time.

Customer was using a Pall Emflon series Teflon membrane filter that is marketed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as a tank vent filter in a fermentation process. While the Emflon filter is “technically” suited for this application, it was massive overkill for the service. We were able to provide a Graver TefTEC series Teflon membrane filter that was a third the price, had the same 0.2 micron absolute rating, same materials of construction, and only negligible difference in surface area (8.5 sqft vs. 8.6 sqft) as the Pall filter. The main difference between the filters is the Pall uses a double layer Teflon membrane where the Graver uses a single layer Teflon membrane. The double layer membrane of the Pall filter is what makes it overkill for the application and is how and why the Pall filter is marketed as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology filter. The elimination of the double layer membrane (and a filter that does not have the Pall name on it) allowed us to save the customer nearly $300 per 10” filter and still give them the filtration level and quality they need and deserve. Plus we were able to provide these filters in 5-7 business days vs. 30 business days for the Pall filter! For this single order of 12 filters we saved the customer almost $3600 and weeks of waiting for their filters.

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