Our solution will save a customer over $80,000 a year for just ONE drying operation.

Big savings by less compressed air usage for drying parts

Compressed air is often referred to as the “third utility” in industrial plants as the cost to produce it can be extremely high. Many companies use compressed air to blow off or dry parts during certain stages of the manufacturing process. Large air compressors are expensive to purchase and maintain not to mention the cost of compressed air delivery equipment (ie, high pressure hoses, air knives, blades and nozzles, etc.) used to get the air to the process. R.A. Ross and Associates was able to bring an air savings solution to a major brake pad manufacturer in Kentucky by recommending the use of regenerative air blowers instead of compressed air to dry parts. Regenerative air blowers produce a higher volume of air at a lower pressure at the same time using less energy. The cost savings to the customer by switching to the regenerative blower and air knife system for one drying operation came to approximately $80,000 per year*. Equipment payback was about 9 weeks. That’s a serious solution! And at R.A. Ross & Associates, that’s what we do everyday!

Since each product and application is unique, Republic Blowers will ask that you fill out an Evaluation Guide (example below) detailing size of product, description of product, (holes, shape, etc.), speed of conveyor belt and so on. Once your specific need is determined, a custom designed air knife system will be recommended. Once approved, we will then test and be able to determine the amount of savings over traditional compressed air operations.

• Custom designed and manufactured
• Perfect for: Drying parts, bottles, cans, food products, packaging,fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, textiles, carpet,film, wire, cable, metal, tile, wood, flooring
•Belt cleaning: Debris removal, sawdust removal, confectioner and food topping removal, liquid blow-off
•Static control
•Air curtain: Prevent hot air loss from oven, prevent cold air loss from freezer

Over $80,000 per year compressed air savings!