Tuthill blowers and vacuum boosters offer flows to over 10,000 CFM and differential pressures to 20 psig (17 in. Hg vacuum).*
(That’s engineer speak for “We’ve got you covered.”)

When it comes to blowers, it doesn’t get any better than Tuthill. Tuthill MD-Pneumatics blowers and vacuum boosters are high-performance, reliable and engineered systems designed for ready installation.

  • CP models rated to 18 PSIGtuthill-blowers
  • Quieter operation
  • Better gearing for longer life
  • Sight glasses available on all CP Models
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Longer seal life
  • Drop-in replacements for:
  • Gardner-Denver Sutorbilt Legend
  • Roots URAI
  • Ultra quick delivery (we stock many models)

(Not all features apply to all models).

*Vacuum boosters develop extremely high vacuum levels to the micron range.

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