A major chemical manufacturer in Southern Indiana was having an issue with premature diaphragm failures on a chemical transfer operation.

The diaphragms in a competitors air operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump were failing after only a short time in operation.
In this harsh application, the pumps are required to transfer chemicals from totes to other process-es in the plant. The operators must work quickly between batches and the pumps are required to pump several different chemicals each day.

After visiting with the customer and seeing the operation, it was surmised that the reason for the premature diaphragm failures was over-pressurization on the air supply and water hammer or back pressure spikes from the rapid opening and closing of valves at the beginning and end of pumping cycles.


Our team came up with the following solution; we recommended a custom package comprised of a 1.5” ARO® AODD pump in 316SS and Teflon construction with ARO® Long Life® Teflon diaphragms, an ARO® air line kit complete with air hose, air pressure regulator/filter with gauge and a 1.5” NPT, 316SS/Teflon pulsation damp-ener manufactured by Blacoh®.

Additionally, this equipment was offered on a 60-day trail basis. The customer has experienced a significant increase in diaphragm life with this system in place.

If you have a troublesome application, let us provide a solution for you!

Custom diaphragm pump package model info:

  • 1.5” ARO®, air-operated, double diaphragm pump model PD15A-ASS-STL
  • ARO® air line connection kit w/ARO® filter-regulator and gauge for air pressure control
  • 1.5” Blacoh® pulsation dampener model AOD-15-NPT