The R. A. Ross team knowledge of pumps and chemical issues solves crystallization problem.

Situation: A well known drywall manufacturer in southern Indiana was having an issue with an air operated diaphragm pump which was being used to inject a dispersant chemical into the wallboard fabrication process. The issue with the diaphragm pump was that the dispersant had a tendency to set up and “crystallize” in the pump and cause the diaphragms to rupture.

Lobee stainless steel gear pump model 2LOE w/ ¼-HP, 1150 RPM motor: Operating a 3 GPM @ 45’ TDH, ambient temp.

Solution: We recommended a small stainless steel Lobee gear pump that would hold less product in the pump and had the capability to shear any crystals that may have been formed in the liquid while the pump was not running.

The customer has been very pleased with the result and the pump has been in operation for approximately 3 years.

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