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Problems Solved

ProductIndustryApplication/SituationWhatever it takes
American Marsh Automotive Chemical crystallization Duplicate hard to get parts
ARO Coal Chemical mixing Special made filters
ASI Seals Drywall Clean air Mobile oil testing units
Blackmer Energy Dangerous chemical

Cut huge lead time

Blacoh Food Processing Noise/vibration issue

Dean Oil and Gas Refinery Filter problems

Dickow Paint Gas refinery
Lobee Utilities Hot water pumping  
Neptune Wire Manufacturing Huge cost savings  
Pentair Mining Long lead times  
WEMCO   Mine shaft water issues  
    Hard to get parts  
    Seal issues  
    Submersible pumps  
    Tough oil field service  
    Shock/back pressure problems  

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Case Study: ARO & Mine Shaft Water

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Case Study: Blackmer High-temp Submersible Pump

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Case Study: Blackmer
Tough Oil Field Service

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Case Study: Blacoh Dampener

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Case Study: Dean & ASI

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Case Study: Dean

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Case Study: Dickow

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Case Study: Lobee

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Case Study: Neptune

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Case Study: Pentair Chrome Plating

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Case Study: Texas Gas Filter Clog

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Case Study: Tough Repair

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Case Study: Weir Chicken Plant

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Case Study: Wemco/Coal

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Case Study: Whatever It Takes!

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Case Study:Pumps for High-Temperature Hot Water

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Ross solution saves customer hundreds of thousands of dollars


Chrome plating is a long, involved process and typically starts with degreasing, rinsing and cleaning, tedious polishing, then buffing, then acid dipping (etching), applying a metal catalyst then nickel and/or copper plating (many times calling for multiple layers) prior to the chrome plating itself. Typically the parts are rinsed in between each process. As you can imagine, any particulate will show up as a defect and can’t be tolerated.

One auto parts manufacturer was encountering high costs and a severe problem with product reject rate. The rejects were due to particulate from their plating bath causing blemishes in the plating layer. The competitive bath filters were just not filtering their plating solutions properly and consistently.

This parts plant manager was furious with the problems they were having. Our rep, Jeff Bean, boldly stated he could solve their filtration problem.

During his process evaluation, Jeff discovered another filter issue. The existing filters, as received, would contaminate the baths and had to be pre-rinsed before they went into the filter vessels. This was a costly and tedious process.
Jeff immediately involved one of our premium filter suppliers, Pentair Engineered Filtration. Pentair was the perfect choice to develop the proper filter solution.

magA human hair (illustrated) is about 100 microns wide. You cannot see 0.5 micron, but 0.5 micron
particles can cause a defect in chrome
plating resulting in a reject.

At the heart of the problem solving was Pentair’s Technology Research Center (TRC) laboratory. Pentair utilized sophisticated testing equipment to examine the existing filters being used.

It was found some of the filters ratings were dramatically different than the packaging indicated. (After testing their existing filter products, it was found that 0.5 micron filters were really 2.5 micron filters.) What micron filters were really needed?

After further discussions with the customer on the exact level of filtration required, Pentair test filters were furnished. After the initial tests were positive, additional Pentair filters were ordered.


  • The Pentair filters could be installed right out of the box. No more pre-rinsing was required.
  • The Pentair filters cleaned up the plating baths significantly better.
  • Due to continued recirculation, the baths actually continued to improve over time.
  • Product reject rates went down significantly.
  • Filter life was comparable even with the much improved efficiency and repeatability.
  • Filter element costs per filter were comparable to prior filters even with the improved filtration ability.
  • $$$$ Thousands were saved due to lower scrap rate.
  • The bottom line result was a competitive product with exceptional dirt holding capacities, precise filtration ratings, repeatable performance, low pressure drops, and high efficiencies.

Put our experience and knowledge to work toward solving your problems. Our solutions may save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

Call us today and let us know how we can help.

pdf Click here to download the pdf

pdf Click here to download the case study.

Steve Marcus, VP Marcus Paint Company“We pump several different types of solvents. Solvent temperature extremes tear up diaphragms. Aro Pumps and Ross & Associates solved our problems. No more pump failure.”

Marcus Paint has been manufacturing paint since 1853 and supplies coatings to industrial companies all over the US and Mexico and has used Aro Pumps since 1988. They pump from 500 to 6,000 gallons of paint daily.

"We manufacture paint for every kind of product you can think of, metals, plastic, etc., and, as you can imagine, mixing different resins and pigments requires many different solvents."

"Solvent temperatures vary from 35º to 185º. That can tear up diaphragms. I-R Aro pumps can stand up to that kind of abuse."

"Without pumps, we shut down. Pumps are vital to mixing paints."

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